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Welcome to Peoples Pharmacy

Proper medication administration is one of the most important aspects of successful treatment and subsequent recovery. This is why, if you need to have information clarified, your prescriptions filled, or the right medication chosen, we’ll be there. At our pharmacy, every service we render is always done with your convenience and overall wellness in mind.

Auto Rx Refills

We eliminate the hassle of going back and forth to the pharmacy to get your prescriptions filled.

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Refill Prescription

We offer prescription refills to make sure you are on top of your medication needs.

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Transfer Prescription

Transfer your prescription to our pharmacy for convenient, patient-centered services.

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What We Aim For Mission Statement

We aim to be your top choice for reliable, convenient, and fast services for all your medication needs and more. It is also our aim to know your needs intuitively so we can serve you better and help you achieve your healthcare goals faster.

About Us
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Get Expert Advice! Consult with a Pharmacist

Our service goes beyond dispensing prescription drugs to our customers. Making sure they are informed of all the necessary information that goes with their medication is also our responsibility. Do not hesitate to get expert advice from our professional and reliable pharmacists when you visit our pharmacy!

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Insurance Accepted

Avail of our services easily through the insurance plans we accept.

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New Pharmacy Customer

Get $5 off for any $20 first-time purchase with us!

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Medical Supplies

We offer durable, high-quality medical supplies for your needs.

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