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About Us

Get to know our pharmacy better.

pharmacist and client at pharmacyPeoples Pharmacy is a pharmacy serving two locations—New Orleans and Louisiana. Established in 2018, we are committed to fulfilling your pharmaceutical needs in the most convenient way possible. We believe that the ease of getting the services you need is the key to successful treatment and a fast recovery.

This insight has made us explore ways to make our services convenient for all our customers. We make sure to not only give our customers their much-needed medications but also expert advice on how to go around the process. Being locally owned has made knowing what the community needs much easier. We also offer automatic refills, specialty packaging, and free delivery services.

We can do all these and more. With us at the storefront, our customers can be assured that their needs will always be a priority.

Mission Statement

We aim to be your top choice for reliable, convenient, and fast services for all your medication needs and more. It is also our aim to know your needs intuitively so we can serve you better and help you achieve your healthcare goals faster.

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